Orion's Arm: Collage

D'Orchestra Chimney Lies: Collage

Colour Form Play 3: Collage and drawing collaboration with Liam Stevens

Colour Form Play 2: Collage and drawing collaboration with Liam Stevens

Colour Form Play 1: Collage and drawing collaboration with Liam Stevens

Colour Form Play: Exhibition with Liam Stevens
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The Glorious Vocal Hearts: Collage

Interpretti Grade 3: Collage

Tote bag made with Liam Stevens based on Colour Form Play 1

The Sherborne Odak: Collage

Luft il Omorphologie. The Bleach: Collage

Partied to Extinction: Collage For S & S (101cm width x 81.5cm height)

Twenty-One No Fun: Collage

Don't Chase the Green: Collage

Black Stones: Collage

Happy Landings So Far: Collage

Pyramid Hire: Collage

Cats and Communion: Collage

Dogs and Dice: Collage

Leeward Tally-Ho: Collage

Lost in the Waiting Room: Collage

Le Document Dudok, Homage to Lyme Regis: Collage

The Ritz: Collage

Standing in the Gap/Love at the End: Collage

Base Arp: Collage

The Arrot Top: Collage

Luftbild 1: Collage

Rom Italy To All: Collage

Make Mountains 4 Gold: Print of Collage

My Lighthouse: Collage

This the Antidote: Collage

Dynamic America: Collage

Obsidian Fall: Collage

Pop Ten: Collage (18.5cm width x 23.3cm height)

The Causes of Colour: Collage

Keystone Burgundy Monkey Party: Collage For L.S

Technically Speaking: Collage

Edge of a Darkness: Collage

Net Rock: Collage

Light and Momentary Troubles: Collage

Resumption, Consumption, Presumption: Collage (31.8cm x 16cm)

St Georges Triangles: Collage (27.3cm x 20.7cm)

B.G. Fine Cut: Collage For B.G.

Solo Gamesmaniana: Collage

AD40: Collage for A

Library Luke: Collage

Schhh: Collage

Thanks: Collage for I.N.T.

Decca XXX: Collage

Blankers: Collage

Flip Flip Horray: Collage for S&J

Winmanship: Collage for L&Y

This is not it: Collage

O.G. LP: Collage (23"x11")

A Pageant of Ballet Parts 1&2: Collage (7.5""x19.5")

Balance Jolie: Collage

I'm so Bored of Diamonds: Collage

Pic 1992: Collage collaboration with Liz Cohn

A Game of Three Halves: Collage

Crackle-Crackle: Collage

Modern Match: Collage

The Glass is Full: Collage

Fantastic Man: Collage

Halifax High Jump: Collage for NOISE Fundraiser Purchase here

Great Britain, Sheet 11: Collage for NOISE Fundraiser Purchase here

Baseball Victory: Collage
Lithograph print available in shop

Capstan Cutup 2: Collage

Joy of A & P: Collage

Heart Plea: Collage

Somewhere Between What I Say and What I mean: Collage