The Disport of Fools Yields Folly 1 (Chipstead Billiards): Collage (43.4cm width x 28.1cm height)

Trails and Tumbleweeds 18 (Spheres and Sphenoidal Bone): Collage (42.1cm width x 27.7cm height)

You've Concealed Your Ways from Sophisticates and Know-it-alls (Where Men Fail Jesus Succeeds): Collage and Ink
(29.8cm diameter)

Folly to Folly 3 (Fools Incubate Sin, Cynics Desecrate Beauty): Collage (43.4cm width x 27.4cm height)

Folly to Folly 2: Collage (20.7cm width x 72.9cm height. 2 sections joined)

Folly to Folly 1: Collage (18.8cm width x 23.3cm height)

Trails and Tumbleweeds 17 (Camera, Cars and Colgate Tooth Powder): Collage (19.2cm width x 22.7cm height)

The Moon is a Heavy Body 56: Collage
(16.6cm width x 20.6cm height)

What is Man that You are Mindful of Him (Matter): Collage
(15.4cm width x 22.7cm height)

Trails and Tumbleweeds 16 (Masks and Vase Tourterelles): Collage
(28.8cm width x 20.6cm height) For P.S.

Superstition Mounting (It's All Connected): Collage and Pencil
(23cm width x 30.4cm height)