Turned Room 3, Yellow Living Room: Collage (21cm width x 29.5cm height)

Turned Room 2, Sitting Room: Collage (21cm width x 29.5cm height) For F.R.

Turned Room 1, Conservatory: Collage (20.9cm width x 25.8cm height)

Adrift from The Rock (A House of Cards on a Sandy Beach): Collage (19.8cm width x 26.9cm height)

Trails and Tumbleweeds 36 (Tools, Tacks and Tree): Collage (19.7cm width x 24.6cm height)

Grapefruit and Gimlet (Smoke and Spitting into the Wind 19): Collage (22.6cm width x 14.4cm height)

Trails and Tumbleweeds 35 (Street Scene and Shoe): Collage (20.7cm width x 28.7cm height)

Westminster with the Unfinished Bridge and Speedboat: Collage (28.9cm width x 20.8cm height)

Time Transfixed. Oak Library, Residence of Charles S. Pillsbury Esq. (Homage to Magritte): Collage and Pencil (29.6cm width x 20.8cm height)